Ugh. Taxes.

Today, I finally got around to filing our taxes. We typically have our taxes filed by now - in years past, as soon as I got our W-2s and all appropriate forms, I filed. But because J's old job didn't send his W-2 to the right address, it was delayed a good two weeks. It FINALLY arrive yesterday, and we started filing tonight.

Last weekend, I put in the information I had, then finished it off tonight. Most years, I'm totally cool with filing taxes, but this year...it's just annoying. Checking numbers, filling everything in...it's just monotonous work that has left me bored this year. I actually quit filing and will finish tomorrow. Maybe.

Maybe it's because we had more forms this year to pull information from, or that adding the military component made filing a little more difficult...I don't know. All I know is, I have a distaste this year for filing taxes, but I'm not paying someone else $100+ to file them for me when it's pretty easy to do it by myself. If we had more assets, I'd probably entrust it to someone else - but it's pretty easy for us at this point, so I'll just keep doing it and grumble about it softly. I will say that our refund surprised me, and we're getting back more than anticipated. Hellooooooooooo new phone for J [finally].

Speaking of J, I'm going to go visit! After spending a few days debating about it, I decided to go out to see him for our anniversary. I'll be out there for three days/four nights and might go back out in July if he can't come back this way after his major tests are done. I am SO excited to go see him - last time I saw him was November 1st. And, we'll actually get to celebrate our anniversary together this year, which will be really nice. I can't believe we've been married almost two years. Wow. Also, I'm really excited to be going to Colorado for the first time ever. It'll be awesome to explore our new home, meet all these people he keeps talking about and get my mom's box of See's candy. Mmm. Chocolate.

And my ending note for this post: I feel like I'm in a funk. Or a rut. Something. I feel like I'm just going through the motions of life right now and not enjoying it as much as I have. Not quite sure why...maybe I need a vacation? Something to refocus on? A babysitter a couple of times a week to get my life back? *shrug* I think I'll figure it out soon enough.

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