No real updates to list...

I don't really have anything to update on my list. I started Eclipse the other day and am in love with it, but I'm wanting to skip to the back already! I got a teaser that Jacob and Bella have a moment, and I freaking love Jake - but we'll see how the book goes. I'm SO excited to see New Moon in like, three weeks! EEK!

Today is Halloween! Honestly, it doesn't feel like Halloween since we have a home game today...it wouldn't be so bad if the game wasn't at 7:00 tonight, but that's OK. Night home games can be fun - when they're not cold. :) Stillwater did trick-or-treating on Thursday night, so none of that here tonight. Alicia, Alaina and I went out last night, and I had this awesome Harry Potter-themed costume. It was a little scandalous, but I freaking love it - too cute. I was going to be a referee, but the costume didn't fit right in places, so I didn't wear it. And the Harry Potter one had more fabric than the ref one - so...yeah. The ref one won't be seen in public, I'm thinking. Anyway - we went to Rok Bar in OKC, and it wasn't as fun as going out in Stillwater. I'm looking forward to tonight.

This week was SO crazy, it's not even funny. JJ's been sick for a week now, and we found out Thursday that he has a double ear infection. Fabulous. He's with my parents until I get back from Wichita on Tuesday afternoon, so I hope he can kick it. Poor baby. I wish he would stop getting sick and start being a happy little baby again...it seems like we can't go two weeks without him getting sick in some way, shape or form. And I, of course, hate seeing him sick. Ugh.

Guess that's my brief update for now - more later!

p.s. I'm playing in a fantasy basketball league this year - pretty sure I'm the only one taking it seriously - and I'm leading. Ye-ah!


No. 3 done: 101 reasons why I love J

I compiled this list last night in like, 20 minutes. I knew it wouldn't be hard to compile the list, but I thought it'd take forever. Nope...took 20 minutes. :)

So. Here are the 101 reasons why I love my husband:

1. Our deep, personal connection. Never thought I'd find that with someone.
2. His love of sports, especially basketball.
3. His work-out regimen - all to look good for me!
4. The fact that he became an OSU fan, even though UT is his first love.
5. His chill demeanor - opposite and refreshing.
6. He'll watch random shows with me - and actually get into them.
7. He brags about me - a lot. Love it.
8. He talks to me on the phone, and he hates talking on the phone.
9. His willingness to teach me the finer points of football and video games.
10. The sweet cards he picks out - he's so good at that.
11. The random "I love you" flowers - I love roses because of him.
12. The way he holds me when we're sleeping - like he'll never let me go.
13. The way he looks at me when I dress up - he's always impressed. Always.
14. His love of sleep - I love sleep, too!
15. His patience. He needs it with me.
16. His ability to apologize when he's wrong - without being provoked.
17. His acceptance of me for who I am.
18. He let me go to college - and waited.
19. My e-ring...he did an AMAZING job.
20. His love of Chinese food. Yum.
21. His random gifts - they're always great.
22. He remembers the little things. Always.
23. The random phone calls and texts. I love them.
24. He's so selfless!
25. He wants to work on us. I respect that.
26. He really loves his son. I admire that.
27. I was his first - and vice versa. So damn awesome.
28. He gave me a chance, even though I wasn't really his type.
29. When he first told me he liked me, he wrote it in a note. Wish I'd kept it.
30. He doesn't pressure me. Ever.
31. He supports me 150 percent. Always.
32. I adore his arms. Yum.
33. He loves Starburst - so do I!
34. He's usually open about trying things once. I try to be that way, too.
35. When he dresses up...he's HOTT.
36. He's my voice of reason. Always makes me see things from another angle.
37. When he proposed, he asked my parents first and made sure my best friend was there. So sweet.
38. He told me he loved me for the first time in a text. I thought it was cute.
39. He's finally doing what's best for him. I'm so proud.
40. Even when we broke up, he still cared.
41. He loves my hair. Even when I don't.
42. He respects the fact that I'm a working mom and really does try to help.
43. He's still here, even after all the crap.
44. He looks good in baseball/basketball caps.
45. He usually will go see any movie with me - or at least get it on bootleg.
46. He wants the big city life - like me.
47. He'll kill bugs without batting an eye. I hate bugs.
48. He's a real manly man. Proud of it, too.
49. He loves to travel and wants to go to so many places with me.
50. He wants to meet my extended family. Awesome.
51. We could spend all Saturday in the fall watching college football. Love.
52. We both don't like OU. Bigger love.
53. He actually listens to me.
54. He wants to take care of us.
55. He'll cheer for OSU [except for when we play Texas] at all times. Yay.
56. His smile. It's incredible.
57. The boy can kiss.
58. When I went to Hawaii in '04 and didn't call, he was actually upset. That's when I knew we'd last.
59. He didn't flip when I got pregnant. He embraced it.
60. He always takes care of me when I'm not feeling well. Always.
61. He gets along with my friends.
62. Love a man who can hoop!
63. He looks really good with tattoos.
64. Love his eyes.
65. And his butt.
66. When his mind is set on something, he usually sees it through.
67. We're both Aries. We rock.
68. He's a great cuddler.
69. He usually does stuff for me without complaining.
70. Usually when he snores, I can tap him once, and he stops.
71. He's spontaneous - something I'm not.
72. He's sacrificed a lot to be with me. I'll never forget it, either.
73. He'll poke fun at me. It's cute.
74. He's gotten me to appreciate cars more. Awesome.
75. He usually helps without saying a word.
76. He'll wear OSU orange!
77. His taste in perfume for me = perfect.
78. He's been there for me when no one else has.
79. He's not afraid to argue his point.
80. His hugs always make me feel special.
81. He'll take pics. Never would before.
82. He respects my opinion.
83. And my privacy.
84. He's damn sexy in boxers.
85. He's a smooth driver. Love it.
86. He lets me chase my dreams and never holds me back.
87. He respects his elders.
88. He's really close to his grandma. I love that.
89. He doesn't let the crap affect us.
90. We think a lot alike. Scary.
91. He never forgets our anniversary.
92. He's not afraid to cry in front of meand express his feelings.
93. He changed for me. That's big.
94. He came back. That's big, too.
95. Even though I get crap for it, he let me obsess over *N Sync, JT and JC.
96. It hit him hard when he lost his dad. And he let me be there.
97. He doesn't hate anyone - ever.
98. He wants us to establish our own family traditions. Love it.
99. He love dogs - like me.
100. He's my better half.
101. He fell in love with me when I thought no one would. I'll love him forever for it.

Us. Love it.


Has it been THAT LONG since I updated?!

Oh my gosh - I am SO bad at this whole updating my blog thing. Welp, this is one thing that I can't cross off my list. Oops. I guess I haven't really updated because I haven't been able to take pics of stuff - but that's no excuse. Boo.

Anyway. I've been super busy with work and life, too, but that's not a viable excuse, either. I've been keeping track of my list and have started some things [and have intentions of starting other things soon]. I finished reading the first two books in the Twilight series and am officially hooked. It's so fun to read them, especially since three of my buddies at work love the Twilight series. Clips from New Moon keep coming out, and we all freak out together and watch them at work. It's so awesome. :) I'm waiting to start Eclipse because I think my sister's boyfriend has it with him. I have to go track him down and get it - I'm dying to start the next one.

I've been readily searching for a crock pot and think I finally found the one I want [courtesy of Wal-Mart.com]:

It's a Hamilton Beach Set 'n Forget Probe Slow Cooker from Wal-Mart. J and I found one today when we went to Wal-Mart to get my oil changed, and I love it. I love the digital setting, the fact that the lid snaps on, and I didn't even know it had a probe when we saw it there. I'm asking for this for Christmas and will be keeping my eye on this, but this is definitely the one I want. I wish JCPenney had it - this would justify the $200 gift card I need to use there. [side note: i also need ideas for where to get crock pot cookbooks...so if you have one i should get, lemme know!]

I've been digging around for multi-vitamins, too...but I need to do more research before I commit to one. I've decided that I don't want to have another baby until 2011 [which means we'll probably start trying around this time next year], so I may need to find a multi-vitamin that'll keep me in baby-making form for awhile. Don't even know where to start with that, so I'll do some more research and see how this goes.

I'm thinking about turning this blog into my regular blog as well...use this to post updates on my life and such. I have another blog that's all about wedding stuff, but I'm not sure if the wedding will happen anymore [long story]...so I may just delete it and move my life to this one. I love to blog and chronicle my life anyway, so it won't be hard to do. As long as people don't mind reading about me rambling on, it all works out. :) I guess that's all for now...I'm exhausted and need to head to bed. More updates later!

p.s. Love that the Phillies made the World Series again, but NOT thrilled that the Yanks made it, too. Boo.
p.p.s. NBA season starts this week - I had my fantasy basketball draft yesterday. YAY! I'm pretty sure I'm one of the few people out of all of my friends that likes the NBA, but whatever. I'm excited about it. Woo!


Dinner with my mom.

So the 1st was when I could start, and I've been doing things on my list here and there. I'm currently reading Twilight - and am freaking HOOKED - and I have New Moon to start soon. I'm hoping to get a good chunk of Twilight read this weekend and while I'm flying to Houston...my personal goal is to have both books read by the time New Moon comes out next month. So excited.

Last night, I took my mom out to dinner - we went to Panera in OKC. It was so fun to just talk to my mom about all this random crap that's been going on in my life. She and I are pretty close, but we spend a lot of time talking about work when we're on the phone or together. Last night, it was just like when I was in high school, which was fun. And JJ was ALL over the place - such a boy - so we were talking about him, how much he's grown...kinda hard to believe that there are three generations in my family now.

Speaking of JJ, he's just the most amazing little boy ever. I'm so blessed to have such a great baby on my hands - he rarely gets fussy, he's content to play by himself [as long as he's surrounded by toys], and he's SO much fun to have around. Teeth no. 7 and 8 popped up on Tuesday, so we finally got him his own toothbrush and toothpaste. I can't believe we're starting to brush his teeth! Time is flying WAY too fast.

Anyway, the list is coming along just fine right now. I need to jack my mom's camera at home so I can start taking pictures and posting them of all the stuff I do...make this thing more interesting to follow. :) I'll update again soon!

Oh yeah - I bought a new journal yesterday, too. I'm such a dork...I was WAY excited to find one that I actually like. And it's got a lot of pages, so this one should last me awhile. It'll be cool to keep a personal recount of this time in my life. :)


No. 92 done - 100 things about me

This list was harder than I thought it would be...but I got the first check done on my list! Eek!

100 Things About Me

1. My sister and I are 16 months, 3 weeks and 1 day apart in age.

2. My dream schools were Duke, Yale, UNC and NYU growing up.

3. I love my BB and will never ever get rid of it.

4. I’m addicted to e-mail and have to check it all.the.time.

5. I hate the dark and would rather sleep with a light or TV on if I can help it.

6. I don’t mind being alone – I usually catch up on my sleep then!

7. I hate cleaning the bathroom but would rather do that than dishes.

8. I love doing laundry – even the folding.

9. Before JJ was born, I didn’t want to have my first child until I was at least 25.

10. I PPH pizza – especially thin crust pepperoni.

11. I’m not a big fan of seafood. I’m finally getting a taste for shrimp and lobster. Will NOT eat fish.

12. I haven’t been able to eat banana bread since I ate too much when I was in 2nd grade and got sick. I’ll only eat my mom’s banana bread, it has to have chocolate chips in it and butter on top [AND be warmed up], and I won’t eat a lot of it.

13. I love taking and being in pictures…would rather take them though.

14. I played the violin for six years. Miss it.

15. I was going to OU up until the spring semester of my senior year – then I changed my mind.

16. OSU is the only college I applied to – good thing I knew I could get in.

17. Sangria = ♥

18. I wear a size 12 shoe. Makes it REAL hard to find cute dress shoes.

19. I love bowling. Even though I suck at it, I love to bowl.

20. I taught myself how to type – by taking the books my dad had checked out from the library to teach himself how to type. Ha. I was 9 when I did this.

21. My dad was in the Army for more than 24 years before he retired in 2005. I’m so proud to be his daughter.

22. I’m half Hawaiian, half black. And yes, my hair is real.

23. I used to hate having curly hair because I didn’t like dealing with it – love it now though.

24. I’m a jeans, t-shirt and flip flops kinda girl. Dressing up is not my thing if I can help it.

25. I used to have really bad acne growing up but never wanted to use the meds because they dried my face out and made me feel like crap. I’m glad I grew out of it.

26. I’m super self-conscious about my appearance. Always have been; always will be.

27. I played volleyball for five years. I never really took it seriously but wish I had.

28. I had surgery on my left knee in January 2003 – tore my MCL and rehabbed for four months. Luckily, I got to play my senior year of high school [with a brace].

29. I can’t hula to save my life – but my aunts and mom are fabulous dancers. My mom used to dance for Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawaii.

30. I. Love. Ice.

31. I think lipgloss is fantastic.

32. I used to collect basketball cards; still buy a pack every now and then.

33. Christmas is my favorite holiday by far, followed by Thanksgiving and Halloween.

34. I have a phobia of loud noises. Thunder, fireworks, cannons, guns…if it’s loud, I cover my ears. That’s something I’m pretty sure I’ll never outgrow.

35. I hate thunderstorms. I always get anxious when they roll through because I’m afraid they’ll turn into a tornado.

36. I love snow! I wish we’d get it more often here instead of stupid ice.

37. I bought the car I have now by myself when I was 20. That wasn’t my first car though – my dad got me an ’89 Deville my sophomore year of college. That was our pimpmobile.

38. I’ve been to 20 states and Washington D.C. Next state I want to go to: Massachusetts.

39. I’m a HUGE Dallas Mavericks fan.

40. CFB and CBB are my loves. Not a big NFL fan, but I’ll watch the games.

41. The only magazine subscription I have is to ESPN: The Magazine.

42. I would much rather write with pen than pencil if I can help it.

43. I’ve been keeping a journal off and on since I was 9. I’ve got like, 20 of them.

44. My dream job would be to either work for ESPN or the Mavs.

45. I’m not a big fan of shorts or skirts because that means I have to shave my legs. And I hate shaving.

46. I’m not a good cook…but I’m working on it!

47. I started out at OSU as a chem major…that lasted all of two weeks before I decided to change my major

48. My husband and I lived across the street from one another for three years before we started dating.

49. My fave vacation spot is Vegas. I love that place.

50. I proudly own all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls.

51. I had the highest GPA in my graduating senior class [4.4] but wasn’t valedictorian because I didn’t have a 4.0 unweighted GPA. I was ranked fifth. Whatevs.

52. I hyphenated my last name when I got married…and went from 4 to 14 letters. Holy moly.

53. I hate sand. Seriously. I do.

54. I was born in Germany and moved to the States when I was almost 2. Never been back overseas since.

55. I’d love to learn ASL and Spanish.

56. *N Sync is my first love. I’ll always be their fan…I used to be SO obsessed with them.

57. I used to love and life for drama…but now that I’m older, I hate it.

58. I’m not a fan of talking on the phone unless I’m talking to my immediate family or husband. I’d rather text or e-mail. I used to get in trouble for being on the phone too much, so now, I don’t like being on it.

59. I am NOT a fan of the hot weather. Fall is my favorite season for a reason, followed by winter. I just hate heat and would rather be cold so I can bundle up.

60. My dream car is a Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. The old style.

61. I missed half my senior prom because I got food poisoning. Apparently didn’t miss much during that half.

62. I used to hate orange.

63. I watch The Young and the Restless every day. My mom’s been a fan since before I was born, and I used to watch it with her growing up.

64. I’m a night owl –I’ll sleep as late as I can and stay up as late as I can.

65. I adore the Wii – especially Rock Band. I’m not coordinated enough to use the other consoles.

66. My common sense eludes me sometimes.

67. I love my job. I seriously do.

68. I have 34 first cousins on my mom’s side of the family and 15 second cousins with two more on the way. My mom’s the only one who had less than 4 kids out of her biological siblings [she has half-siblings, too].

69. I’m born and raised Mormon.

70. Carnations are my fave flower ever.

71. I got my ears pierced when I was 19…and only got them pierced because Oprah did for her 50th birthday. Not kidding.

72. I graduated from OSU with a 3.85 GPA and with my Honors degree. Worked my tail off in college.

73. When I was in high school, I never spent more than two weeks apart from my parents ever – and I did that when I went to arts camps.

74. I’m a recruiter for OSU-Stillwater. My sister recruits for OSU-OKC. We were both PR majors in college, too. We’re inseparable.

75. The only thing I won’t eat that my mom makes is macaroni salad – because I hate mayonnaise.

76. I’m notorious for losing things. I’m super horrible at it.

77. I’m not big on friends. I have a lot of acquaintances and a few people I consider close.

78. I could spend all day on the Internet if I was allowed to do so.

79. I hate roller coasters and normally refuse to ride them. I’m not a fan of amusement parks, too…last time I went to Six Flags was in high school. And I didn’t ride anything but the bumper cars.

80. I’ve never been to the state fair in Oklahoma – and I’ve lived here 15 years.

81. I’ve been to DisneyLand – went when I was 8. We’re planning on going to DisneyWorld as soon as JJ’s old enough to remember it.

82. My fave perfume is Emporio Armani Diamonds. J got it for me for Christmas one year, and I LOVE IT.

83. I love to travel. If I could, I’d do nothing but travel.

84. I also love to drive and go on road trips. Those are the best.

85. I’m debating taking singing lessons – I’ve always wanted to.

86. I wanted to be a cheerleader and tap dancer growing up. Mom never let me take lessons or cheer. Boo.

87. I’m one of those people who believes that everything happens for a reason.

88. I love to plan things out – I’m not a very spontaneous person, which drives J nuts.

89. I don’t like beer. At all.

90. I don’t like warm homemade chocolate chip cookies – I only like Chips Ahoy or the premade cookie dough as hot cookies. Don't ask me why.

91. I. love. steak.

92. I got my first cell phone when I was 17.

93. I love watching my son grow up…it’s such an amazing process. I never knew I’d love someone as much as I love him.

94. I love go-karting. Haven’t been in awhile, but it’s so fun.

95. My dream vacation would have to involve some sort of vineyard. I love wine.

96. I don’t like wearing shoes – my toes are claustrophobic. OK, not really, but I still hate wearing shoes.

97. I LOVE decorating for Christmas.

98. My husband is the best kisser I’ve ever encountered. Ever.

99. My family and I are super, super close – closer than most. I talk to my mom and sister every single day.

100. I have the most amazing life ever. Period.

Off to a good start...

It's finally here!

It's October 1st.

I'm so excited to get started.

Let the madness begin!