Update to my 101 in 1001

It's been awhile since I updated my list in this blog...and I've added things to it, so I figured I'd better do an update.:)

I added to no. 65. My sister and I saw Toy Story 3 in June - holy cow. What a way to tie the series together. I should've gone at night, when the little kids wouldn't be there, but it was such a good movie. I cried - three times - watching that movie. I'm not sure what I was expecting for the last movie, but it definitely wasn't that. I loved it though!

I also added to no. 42 in June. During Joe's graduation in San Antonio, my sister and I were driving around, trying to find something to eat. We put in Italian in the GPS, and Alicia picked this place:

She picked this place because it reminded her of Milano cookies, and she likes Milano cookies. Awesome sis. But she made a good call - that place was delicious!

That was my dish - and that was the lunch portion, and AFTER bread and salad. It was so delicious! I wish I'd been able to finish it - during this time, I was doing battle with LaQuinta over a mixed-up room reservation (probably not staying with them for awhile), so I was too irritated to eat it all. It was super awesome though, and sis and I have talked about going back if we ever go to San Antonio again. I only have one more restaurant left to finish that one up! Yay!

And...I finally started no. 67. My best friend M and I went to see Lady Gaga in OKC on July 20, and her show was freaking AWESOME. We were sitting so far up that the few pics I took didn't come out (and my regular camera was sitting at home, gah), but we had SO much fun.

There's me and my bestie M! We enjoyed her show so much that we turned around the very next day and bought tickets to her show in Dallas on 03.14.11 - yes, March 2011. Eight months away. But I don't care, because we got awesome seats. I am SUCH a huge fan of hers now - she's amazing live, her album itself is freaking awesome, and the whole show was great from start to finish. I was so impressed that I started no. 68 and bought my first CD in ages - "The Fame Monster." I've been rocking Lady Gaga since it came in yesterday. Love.It.

I've decided to nix the Project 365 until later this fall or winter. Taking off two weeks threw me all off, and I just don't want to backtrack  that long. So I'm deleting the blog and will restart it once I actually take pictures every day. I have, however, discovered that I love taking pictures and want to take some photography classes. Maybe when we get to Colorado, I'll look into it. I want to get an expensive camera, too, like my dad has - but we'll see about that one.

I think that's all I got for now - I've got less than two years to get this list done, so I'd better get on it! :)


My insecurities will NOT get the best of me.

Over the weekend, J got orders. He wound up getting them switched during the week, so our original orders have changed.

Sometime within the next year, I'll be moving to Colorado.

I'm still really nervous about it...I'm not sure it's sunk in all the way yet (although I've already started making plans, looking at housing etc.). I've lived in Oklahoma for a very long time now and pretty much grew up here. My family's still here, my alma mater's here, my hometown is here...and we'll be moving 10 hours away. I haven't lived more than 2 hours away from them ever, so this will be a huge change for me.

I don't do well with change. I get really anxious about change - to the point to where I've made myself sick over it in the past. Change brings out all the insecurities in me - will I make new friends? How will I adjust? How long will I be there? How will the homesickness be for me? Will I get used to the Air Force life? How much will our lives change when we move? Will I find a job? Get base housing? My mind is spinning in a million different directions about this upcoming move - and I'm probably not leaving for a few more months, at least.

Besides getting married and becoming a mom, this will be one of the biggest changes in my life. I've been looking forward to this move, because it means that J and I will finally, FINALLY live under the same roof and get to start our lives as a married couple with a young child. This long-distance relationship stuff is old; I'm ready to wake up in his arms, come home to him, make dinner for him. The big move is really making me nervous though.

J will report before JJ and I do, and we're still working out all the kinks since we JUST got orders. I just hope that this move will be a smooth one and the one that our family has needed for quite some time. When I push past my insecurities, I'm really excited about this move. I love snow, I've always wanted to go to Colorado, we'll be living near a really populated area, the base seems nice...I feel like this will be a good change for us. Getting to that change - for me, at least - will be the hard part.


Holy lack of updates Batman.

I just realized it's been more than a month since I updated...and it's been quite a month! I'm not even sure where to start when it comes to updating...all I know is, I'm gonna do a better job of keeping this updated.

I guess I'll post a quick update and do a more thorough one later. J is officially an Airman - he graduated on June 24th from Air Force BMT. He lost a good 10-15 pounds...and looks UHmazing. I'm so proud of him!!!

It was so great to spend four whole days with him...it went by fast, but it was good to see him. I can't even tell you how anxious I was in the days leading up to graduation...the 8.5 weeks he was gone flew by, once I looked back at it. Now, he's back at Lackland for tech school and should be finishing sometime in October. We got orders over the weekend, and we're moving to Florida next year. I'm still adjusting to that...welcome to the Air Force!

After J's graduation, I went with my family and JJ to Orlando. That was SO fun. My "little brother" got us into Universal for a discounted rate - and we got to go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!!



I have more I could post, but I'll save it for now. All I can say is, that park was AMAZING. I was a little skeptical about how true it would be to the movie, but it was just about spot-on. And Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey...the best ride EVER. I can't wait to go back.

We also got to spend a day at DisneyWorld (for free!).


I have more I could post from there, too, but I think this post has enough pictures. I can't believe I went to DisneyWorld - it was SO fun!!!! This whole vacation was so much more than I was expecting - and I could actually enjoy it this year. :)

Now, life has settled back in. I'm anxiously counting the days until football and NBA season, I'm nervous about how this whole moving thing will go, and it's hotter than Hades outside. Summer is in full swing, but not for long - school starts in five weeks. Seems like they just got out yesterday! Sheesh!

I'll update my actual 101 in 1001 list later - I've got a few to add to it. I promise not to go so long without updating again!