My Twilight motivation.

I want to finish the first two Twilight books before New Moon opens in 1.5 months, but I need motivation.

Think I just found it. :)


Proud mama moment.

So this has nothing to do with my list or preparing to start my list [two days!]. I just wanted to note this day in history.

My son crawled for the first time this morning.

He was on my bed while I was gathering his stuff for the day. He rolled over to grab a bottle cap, but I moved it away from him. He rolled back over and started to crawl towards it. I didn't believe he was actually doing it and thought the blankets were helping him move along, so I put him on the floor to see if he'd do it.

He got to crawl six steps before I picked him up, spun him around and alerted the media [aka my family].

I can't believe he's actually crawling. He's still getting the hang of it...he alternates between belly slithering and actual crawling...but he's been so close to doing it for weeks that I think I'm still in shock he actually did it. I've been excited all day about it, but I've also started thinking about all the babyproofing stuff I need to do, like:

* Purchase baby gates
* Purchase electrical outlet protectors
* Start putting all the small stuff out of reach
* Drop his crib so he can't slither out
* Get soft stuff for corners

I'm also debating surrounding my bed and his crib with padding so if he happens to roll over, at least he land on something soft. However, I never leave him alone in either place while he's up [and he's in his crib while he's sleeping], so I may skip it.

I can't believe my son has six teeth [with seven and eight on the way], is crawling and is getting better at walking with assistance. Pretty soon, he'll be one year old, talking, running and keeping this mommy on her toes even more than she is now.

Where does the time go?! I mean, just a year ago, I was nearing the end of my pregnancy and anxious, nervous and excited. Now, my son's going to be 10 months old on Sunday, and he's hitting all these major baby milestones. It blows my mind.

My co-workers were right when they told me this quote...life is long days and short years.


Getting a jump on the list.

I'm still chomping at the bit to start on this list...I can barely wait another five days to really start on it! But, as I posted last time, I got stuff to update the kitchen - and I'll be using some of that today when I cook dinner for me and my sister.

Well, today is another jump - I'm finally starting the Twilight series. I'm afraid that as soon as I get started, I'm gonna get addicted, but I really want to start them. I'm hoping I can get the first two done before New Moon comes out in November...but these are pretty big books, so I don't know if that's possible!

I'm watching Gilmore Girls on Soap, too...I freaking love Gilmore Girls. Three years ago at Christmas, I watched four complete seasons in two weeks. I don't think it'll take too long to get that part of my list done when I get started.

I guess I'd better take advantage of what's left of the day and do some cleaning and reading. Enjoy your Sunday!


A step in the right direction.

I'm super anxious to start my 101 in 1001, but I'm determined to not start anything related to the list until Oct. 1st. That's hard to do, but I'll do it. :)

However, I did take a couple of steps in the right direction today. I had extra money left over this month, so I was able to use that money to pay down two cc's that had bigger balances on them. I'm hopeful that with budgeting and extra money coming from my traveling, the cards will be completely paid off before our one-year anniversary. We'll have extra money in November and December for Christmas, too, so I think we'll be able to do it. YAY!

I also spent $92 at Wal-Mart today...but I got a bunch of stuff for the kitchen:

* Double blade peeler [one for veggies; one for produce and fruit]
* Cutting board [I need to get another one though]
* New utensils [finally got a whisk! and more things to cook with!]
* Cookie sheets

All I need is new cutlery, another cutting board and a couple of other utensils, and I think we're all good! I also want a salad spinner, but I think I'll ask for that for Christmas. I know...I'm a nerd. I want a salad spinner for Christmas. Nice.

Anyway, this is just a brief update on my preps for this massive list. I wish it was Thursday already!


Why I'm doing this.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I'd been contemplating this for a little bit, then I started a list and didn't finish it. Today, I started Googling it [yes, I turned Google into a verb - and yes, you can find ANYTHING on the Internet], and I read a bunch of lists from other people. They inspired me to get my butt in gear and actually do my own list.

My ambitious attempt at this list goes deeper than this, though. The past 18 months have been the absolutely most challenging months of my life. Since I turned 22, I've:

* Gotten pregnant
* Graduated from college
* Been unemployed and moved back to Lawton
* Gotten a job and moved BACK to Stillwater
* Given birth to my amazing son
* Gotten married
* Turned 23...

...and been faced with a lot of emotional challenges that I can't even put into words here. I've been through the ringer with work, mommyhood and my marriage. I've lost sleep, lost weight, thought things a million times over and put myself [mentally] in a billion different scenarios. I feel like I've lost touch with myself, and it's affecting my job, my marriage and my ability as a mom. This list is my attempt to get back in touch with myself and re-focus my energies on other things.

When I was in school, I always felt a sense of accomplishment because I was constantly working on some project or taking some test or involved in some group. But now that I've graduated, I don't have that same sense of accomplishment that I can share with others. Sure, I feel a sense of accomplishment every time JJ hits a new milestone, but that's just different. This list will give me that sense of accomplishment and bring back that self-competitive nature that I had when I was in school. And, this could give me the motivation to finish things I always said I wanted to do but never really got around to doing. No excuses now...these are in writing, and I'm more than determined to start.

I really wish I could start today, but I've gotta be patient and wait a week. I know at first I'll be super pumped to do the list, but as the days tick by, I'll lose it. That's why I need you guys to be my support and backbone and tell me to keep going. :)

I promise to keep this updated...and to feature pictures as often as I possibly can. Thanks for reading!

Let the ambitious list begin.

So. I decided to try this whole thing out - 101 things in 1001 days. I had started a list a few months ago, but the stuff on there wasn't meaningful enough for me to do...so I quit. Now, I've actually completed the list and can't wait to get started.

I'm starting my list on 10.1.09 and will be done by 06.28.12...that seems so far away, but I know it isn't.

Without further ado...my list.

1. Color an entire coloring book with JJ.
2. Get pregnant again.
3. Make a list of 101 awesome things that J has done for me. [0/101]
4. Make a will and power of attorney.
5. Throw J a surprise birthday party for his 25th birthday.
6. Go on one date night a month with H for a year. [0/12]
7. Take J on a surprise three-day weekend somewhere.
8. Take J to visit his family - and try to make it a surprise trip!
9. Potty-train JJ.
10. Get JJ's first haircut - and let Grandpa do it.
11. Grow a plant with JJ.
12. Organize important documents and put them in a fireproof box.
13. Order JJ's birth certificate.
14. Get family pics done at least twice, and order a print to display. [0/2]
15. Take JJ to the zoo and aquarium. [0/2]
16. Take pictures in a photobooth with J and JJ.
17. Create a scrapbook for every year of JJ's life.
18. Create a family album.
19. Collect 50 books for JJ to add to his own little library. [0/50]
20. Play five video games with J I would never play on my own. [0/5]

Mom, Dad and Sister
21. Have dinner with my dad at least once every other month. [0/17]
22. Have a date night with my sister one night every month for six months - and do what she wants to do. [0/6]
23. Go out on the town in Bricktown with my sister, her boyfriend, J and our friends.
24. Take my mom to dinner once a month every other month. [0/17]
25. Make a brag book of JJ photos for parents. [0/2]

Extended Family/Friends
26. Send Christmas cards to extended family and close friends.
27. Update address book.
28. Have dinner with a friend once a month during eight different months. [0/8]

29. Pay off all credit cards. [0/4]
30. Save $50 a month for at least 24 months. [0/24]
31. Start a Christmas Club account and have at least $300 in it for Christmas every year. [0/3]
32. Start college savings account for JJ and contribute to it at least every other month. [0/17]
33. Don't use a single cc for three months; cash, check or debit only. [0/3]

34. Cook at least three times a week for a month. [0/12]
35. Play an active role in Thanksgiving dinner preparations at least twice. [0/2]
36. Learn how to make a pie - from scratch.
37. Host a dinner party.
38. Go on a family picnic - and make the food for it!
39. Buy a crockpot - and use it once a month during six different months. [0/6]
40. Plan meals for a full week at least 10 different times. [0/10]
41. Learn how to mix five cocktails. [0/5]
42. Go to 10 new restaurants. [0/10]

43. Lose 15 pounds. [0/15]
44. Work out at least three times a week for three months. [0/36]
45. Go two weeks without soda for six different months. [0/6]
46. Get back in my skinny jeans - and feel sexy in them!
47. Participate in a one-mile fun run with JJ.
48. Get fresh produce from Farmers Market once a month during six different months. [0/6]
49. Take multi-vitamins every day for a month. [0/30]
50. Get into a bikini.
51. Do 50 crunches a day for two months. [0/60]
52. Eat breakfast three times a week for three months. [0/36]
53. Do 30-Day Shred...in 30 Days. [0/30]
54. Eat out only once a week for three months. [0/12]

55. Get accepted into a grad school program.
56. Start my master's.
57. Advance at my job.
58. Learn Photoshop.
59. Learn calligraphy.

60. Read 25 books. [0/25]
61. Read entire Twilight series. [0/4]
62. Read 10 books off the "1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die" list. [0/10]

63. Watch 15 of IMDB "Top 250" movies. [0/15]
64. Check out at least one iMax film. [0/1]
65. Watch 15 movies in theatres. [0/15]
66. Attend three Broadway musical productions, either in NYC or when they come here. [0/3]
67. Go to three concerts. [0/3]
68. Buy five CDs. Actual CDs. [0/5]
69. Re-watch all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls. [0/7]
70. Attend a symphony.

71. Donate $100 to ACS in honor of late father-in-law. [0/100]
72. Donate $5 to ACS for every task not completed.
73. Donate 200,000 grains of rice at freerice.com. [0/200,000]
74. Donate 100 cans of food to local food shelter. [0/100]

75. Go on a road trip to an away Oklahoma State football game.
76. Go to at least one Mavs game a season. [0/3]
77. Go to an NFL game.
78. Learn the finer points of football and play in a fantasy league.
79. Own the new Mavs alternate jersey.

80. Have a spa day.
81. Write in my journal every day for two months. [0/60]
82. Get hair cut and highlighted every six months. [0/6]
83. Take a flower arranging class.
84. Buy a Powerball ticket.
85. Take my camera out on 10.10.10 and 11.11.11 and do a "Day in the Life" segment. [0/2]
86. Become life member of OSU Alumni Association.
87. Go out to dinner by myself. And order a drink.
88. Get properly fitted for a bra and buy a super sexy strapless one.
89. Decorate apartment for Christmas. [0/3]
90. Learn how to play Poker.
91. Complete the 5000 Question Survey. [0/5000]
92. Complete a 100 Things About Me list. [0/100]
93. Buy an expensive pair of shoes - without guilt.
94. Perfect a smoky eye.
95. Complete project 365. [0/365]
96. Buy something from etsy.
97. Write 101 comments on others' blogs. [0/101]
98. Make an emergency kit for the car.

And finally...
99. Maintain a blog of this list and update it at least three times a week.
100. Throw a partay when this list is done!
101. Do another one after this one's finished!

Phew...that list took forever to come up with! But regardless, I'll be ready to rock and roll in a week...can't wait!