More updates to the list!

I wanted to devote an entry to the concert since it was so stinking awesome - but I do have some other updates to the list:

1. I added to no. 65: see 15 movies in theaters. I saw Battle: Los Angeles with the husband and three of his AF friends on the 11th. I had no intention whatsoever of seeing that movie in theaters, but I wasn't about to be the party pooper. I tell everyone it was Independence Day times 100 - that movie was freaking intense. I was so scared of some alien jumping out of the screen that I didn't really let the movie set in until after it was done. I actually liked it...I'd definitely watch it again [but maybe not before deployment].

2. I also made a new power of attorney [no. 4], and we're currently preparing a will. It's about time.

3. I altered the Christmas fund one [no. 31] to vacation fund. We're going to Hawaii next year and each have a goal to save $1000 for this trip. That's a more realistic goal for me than using a Christmas fund.

4. I'm about to add to no. 60: read 25 books. I'm more than halfway through the last Harry Potter book and will probably start reading "Water for Elephants" or some classic [like "Jane Eyre"] soon.

That's it for now. I'm considering starting up the Project 365 when I turn 25...if I can find the charger for my camera, I will. If not, I'll have to start in April or May in order to complete the project before next year. Hm.

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